Consisting of a single Troop, averaging 30 scouts and 5 leaders, Greenmount Scouts operates the traditional Patrol system.

As the Scouts move up through the section they gain the chance to be promoted to Assistant Patrol Leader and then Patrol Leader and use their skills to teacher the younger members of their Patrol.
Currently, there are eight Patrols: Swift, Cobra, Kestrel , Panther, Beaver, Falcon, Raven and Eagle.
Throughout the year, the Patrols gain points working towards winning the PendleBury Trophy, with points being awarded for games, skills work and attendance at meetings.

Pike View Hike

The Troop have been taking part in the annual Pike View Hike. We won the first event back in 2001 repeating the success in 2018.
Summer programme

In the summer period, the scout group holds a summer programme. The scout group are split into three age groups, and each week they rotate on certain activities. These include: kayaking, horse riding, skiing, climbing and more. Each activity is usually completed twice.


Camping is at the heart of scouting. There are a wide array of camps that can range from going to Switzerland and going up to The Lake District.

We also attend annual camps, such as group camps involving the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.
In 2018, we celebrated 50 years of continuous week long Summer Camps.


Our Scout Leader Team

Our Scout Leader team, ranges from Primary School Teachers,Police Officers and Accountants.

Richard G

Scout Leader

Rick N

Assistant Scout Leader & Group Scout Leader


Assistant Scout Leader


Assistant Scout Leader


Assistant Scout Leader


Assistant Scout Leader

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A Call for more Leaders / Helpers

A call for more Leaders / Helpers to meet the demand for young members. We currently have waiting lists for both Beavers and Cubs. If you fancy sparing a few hours each week (or occasionally) to help meet our current shortfall, contact Rick (Group Scout Leader)