The Group was formed on 4 October 1965 with a Wolf Cub Pack of 12 members:

Mark F, David H, Martin H, Carl H, Steven H, Graham L (who later became Scout Leader and Group Scout Leader), Peter M, Robert P, David P, Ian R, Tony V, and Christopher W. The first Cub Scout Leader was Christine T and her Assistant Leader was Judith B.

The Scout Troop was started on 15 May 1967 with Scout Leader John T (who later was promoted to Group Scout Leader and Group Quartermaster).

The Venture Unit started during 1974 by Pete O as Leader.

The second Cub Pack was formed on 7 May 1973, the third Pack in October 1973 and by 1978 there were 4 Cub Packs.

The Group numbers peaked in 1980 with 100 Cubs, 53 Scouts and 12 Ventures.

The first Beaver Colony was started during 1989 with the second Colony re-starting during 2000. The third Beaver Colony started in 2001.

Since 1968, the Scout Troop have held an annual week long Summer Camp mainly in the Lake District but have ventured to Scotland and Wales.

See our 2018 Summer Camp photo album.

The Group has always been an active and thriving Group with just one annual fund raising event – Grand Bonfire, firework display and barbecue which started in 1970 and has since become a major local attraction with the public coming from the surrounding area. The event was originally held on the disused Greenmount to Bury railway lines but in 1972 the decision was made to transfer location to the present site of a council owned field in Holcombe Brook.

See our 2005 Bonfire photo album.

In 1973, the Group was one of the first Groups in the country to place an order for 6 canoes with the Piranha Company. Canoeing has continued to be one of the main activities for the Scouts throughout the summer season and Summer Camp.

Since 1987, the Group has been supporting the Scouts in Tanzania, East Africa by donating over 1,500 national Twiga badges, as they had no national badges. The Group has helped a Scout Group in Dar-es-Salaam (the capital) to get established by supplying them with vital equipment including tents, badges and Scout award books. This continued support culminated in all the members of the Group gaining the International Friendship Award in 1994 after the Group hosted a visit of 6 Tanzanian Scouts for three weeks and them joining in with the annual Summer Camp in the Lake District.

See our Tanzanian Visit photo album.

For more information about the Group’s continued link and support with Tanzania, click here.

In 1995, the Scout Group wrote and performed it’s first Gang Show. The Gang Show was billed as “The International Gangster Show” and was written by parents and involved all sections of the Group. The lead roles of Uncle and his nephew were played by a Barry (one of the current Scout Leaders) and Roger B (Campbell Pack Scout). After weeks of hard rehearsing, the curtains were finally opened for 3 nights only. The show was seen by the locals and parents and excellent praise was given to all who took part.

During 2004, the Group joined together to work towards the Group Environment Award. Following the completion, the project was entered for the National “Scouts Go Green” competition. To find out more about the projects we undertook for the Environment Award and the results of the “Scout Go Green” competition click herefor more details.

2005 saw the Group celebrate it’s 40th anniversary. Since 1965, the Group has grown to the success it is in 2005. To let current and past members help celebrate – the first Group Camp was held in July at Bowley for all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders including a few past Leaders. October saw the event for all current and past Leaders – the Anniversary Meal – held at the Elizabethan Suite at Bury Town Hall. For stories and photos of both of these events check out our “40th Anniversary” page.

2015 saw the Group celebrate it’s 50th anniversary. The Group held a camp at Bowley for all Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Leaders including a few past Leaders. The adults celebrated the anniversary with a Ceildlh at Rasmbottom Civic Hall with the music being led by ex Greenmount Church Vicar – Alan Morris. Past “great figures” from recalled their memories fro bygone years. A great historical display with old photos, film, uniforms and other memorabilia from the past 50 years. The evening ended  with an impromptu campfire singsong.

2018 saw a return to the same village at the first Summer Camp at Rowen, North Wales. Although no-one could remember the exact field the Troop camped on 50 years previous, a great camp was had by all Scouts and Cubs with their leaders who attended for an overnight stay.  A lot of discussions between leaders whether this was the “51st” Summer Camp or “50th” year of Summer Camps.

At the last annual census (2020), the Group was the largest in the District with:

  • 2 Beaver Colonies
  • 2 Cub Packs
  • 1 Scout Troop
  • 125 Children spread across the Group
  • 38 Leaders and Instructors with average length of service exceeding 10 years